(Disclaimer: I don’t have an MBA. I have not researched Swarovski’s finances. This post is just meant to provide general background to beaders who may not know the mechanics of large companies.)

Swarovski is known as a premium purveyor of crystal beads, baubles, and all the rest. The glitter! The color! So beautiful. So lovely.

For at least 20 years — likely longer, please correct me!— Swarovski has created beads and crystal components. They are used everywhere: high-end dresses (especially wedding dresses), designer shoes, designer jewelry, beadwoven jewelry, and even t-shirts and nail designs.

Beadweavers love Swarovski crystals. They are…

Update Feb 2018: It’s clear to me that I gave James Damore far more benefit of the doubt than he deserved. He’s since shown himself to be an extremely negative force. I’m appalled and disgusted by his lawsuit, where he posted internal conversations including the names of his former coworkers (!), with the purpose of subjecting these people to ongoing harrassment. This is not acceptable and those responsible must also have their employment terminated with prejudice.

However, I stand by the point in my original article: open conversation is the only way to ensure that extreme voices do not win…

This is a story about being a woman in tech. It’s also a story about working at a big company, and how bad managers can stall your career.

I earned a PhD in programming languages from Carnegie Mellon, then I did a 2-year postdoc on the Scala team in their university research lab. I decided that I wanted to do something more practical and move to industry instead. So, six years ago, I joined Microsoft as a program manager. I was excited about my product and excited to join the team.

It turned out that the team was dysfunctional, through…

I’m a female engineer and I love data. So, it irks me to no end when people misuse it. I spent years in academia, where it was of utmost importance to use data responsibly and to make sure all conclusions were well-founded.

Sadly, among the general population, people are not so careful with data. Apart from politicians, the offenses are usually minor. But on Equal Pay Day, the head of HR at Microsoft used pay data to mislead everyone.

I work at Microsoft and I love data. And I’m very annoyed.

It’s great that there are no differences in gender…

Donna Malayeri

Product Manager at Google Cloud. Previously at Pulumi and Azure Functions.

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